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Rosebud Lift Station and Lagoon Update June 25, 2021

Rosebud Lift Station

Parcon finished installing the electrical work inside the building, installed the fencing around the lift station, completed the gravel access road, and completed the test commissioning for the lift station, which was the final step in construction for the lift station project.  Construction for the lift station is now complete and was done ahead of schedule.

Once the Rosebud Lagoon project is complete, the two projects will be connected and will be fully commissioned.

Wheatland County would like to thank Parcon Construction Ltd. for their hard work in completing this project ahead of schedule.

Rosebud Lagoon Update

Knibb Developments Ltd. is continuing with earthworks for the Facultative and Storage Cells. The bottom of the Facultative Cell has been compacted and completed and they are currently placing the top lifts for the berms for the Facultative Cell. Knibb’s has completed the grading and rip-rap for the outfall for the discharge line. Manholes were delivered to site on Friday, June 18th and are planned to be installed as part of the Anerobic Cells.

Planned activities for the upcoming weeks is to continue with the earthworks for the Facultative and Storage Cells and finish placing the coconut matting for the outfall from the discharge line. Knibb’s is also planning to start installing the air chamber valves for the forcemain.

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