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Open Space, Recreation, and Cultural Master Plan “What We Heard” Report

Since April 2019, the County has been working to develop and grow a progressive new Open Space, Recreation and Culture Master Plan, which will allow the County’s leadership and staff to strategically guide and manage the direction of recreation facilities and open space until 2030.

The Master Plan will provide the County with a framework to manage its open spaces, programs, events, facilities and amenities cost-effectively, while guiding future open space planning, facility development and expansion, program and service delivery opportunities.

Wheatland County is dedicated to the inclusion of all stakeholders (including the public at large) in the development of the Master Plan. The County desires meaningful and purposeful engagement with internal and external stakeholders to better understand community needs and desires regarding open spaces, recreation, and culture so that the future planning and implementation activities are informed and “owned” by the community as a whole.

How We Engaged

Wheatland County engaged local stakeholders through interviews and an online engagement

  • Online Survey
    Stakeholders were given the opportunity to submit their input and thoughts through an online engagement survey, which focused on identifying the current and future open spaces, recreational and cultural needs of residents. This online survey was available to residents and stakeholders from March 10, 2020 – April 5, 2020 and November 10-29 2020. The survey link was sent out via email, hosted on the County website and socialized through social media platforms (i.e., Facebook and Twitter).
  • Stakeholder Interviews
    A small number of County stakeholders were engaged through interviews that were conducted by Wheatland County’s contract public engagement consultants. Thirteen stakeholders were invited to participate in the interview engagement process.
  • Council Workshop
    A Council workshop was hosted by the public engagement consultants on September 8, 2020. All Council members were present to provide their input and feedback.

What’s Next?

Wheatland County Council and staff will consider the information and feedback collected through the engagement process in the development of an Open Space, Recreation and Culture Master Plan that will support the needs of the community through to 2030.

The Open Space, Recreation and Culture Master Plan draft document is proposed to be presented to Council in the summer of 2021.

Take a Look at the “What We Heard Report”

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