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Wheatland County would like your feedback on some of our ongoing projects! 

Backyard Hens and Beekeeping

  • Would you like to keep bees to produce your own honey?
  • Would you like if your neighbour owned hens for their own personal egg consumption?

Enthusiasm for urban farming has grown throughout North America in recent years as increased attention is paid to issues of sustainability, food security and locally grown food sources. It is becoming more and more common for municipalities across Canada to regulate animals in urban areas using various tools or a combination of tools including land use bylaws, animal control bylaws and registries.

In response to recent interest, Wheatland County is exploring whether backyard hen and beekeeping should be permitted in the County’s hamlet-residential areas, and if so what regulations are necessary to implement the project. The County has mailed a factsheet that provides more information and a link to an online survey to collect feedback from residents living in our hamlet-residential communities.

The Process

Throughout the fall, the County will be engaging with residents living in our hamlet-residential communities to hear their thoughts on backyard hens and beekeeping. County staff will summarize what was heard and report back to Council. Based on the feedback and comments, Council will then decide whether to proceed with bylaw updates to accommodate backyard hens and beekeeping in our hamlet-residential communities. Any proposed bylaw updates will be circulated to residents for comment and review, prior to a public hearing being held in early 2022.

The County’s Land Use Bylaw currently prohibits the keeping of farm animals or livestock within the Hamlet-Residential General (HRG) District. This District regulates the use of properties within the following hamlets:

  • Ardenode
  • Carseland
  • Chancellor
  • Cluny
  • Cheadle
  • Dalum
  • Gleichen
  • Lyalta
  • Namaka
  • Nightingale
  • Redland
  • Rosebud

Backyard hens and beekeeping are being considered in all ‘hamlet-residential’ communities, which includes those urban style properties located within the HRG District (listed above), as well as those properties located in:

  • Speargrass (Speargrass Low Density Residential (S-LDR) District and Speargrass Medium Density Residential (S-MDR) District),
  • The Lakes of Muirfield (Direct Control (DC-7) District), and
  • Eagle Lake (Eagle Lake Restricted Residential (EL-RR) District).

The County has provided access to an online survey to those residents living in the hamlet-residential communities listed above. The online survey closes on November 8, 2021. If you live in one of the hamlet-residential communities outlined above and have not received a copy of the survey, please contact the County at 403-934-3321. Project updates will be available on this page.

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