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Notification of Gas Flaring

North 40 Resources Ltd (N40) is planning to temporarily flare natural gas as part of an outage at the third party gas plant that N40’s gas is connected to. This Flaring operation will be in accordance with good oilfield practices as well as Alberta Energy Regulator regulations. Specific information relative to this project is detailed below:

Site Supervisor: Gerald Aleman Contact Number: (403) 324-1500

Well Surface Flare/vent Location: 13-05-027-17W4(F50806)
Reason for Flaring/venting: Third Party Gas Plant Restrictions
Expected Start Date: after September 22 , 2021 Expected end date: Till further notice
Expected Flare/vent Volume: +/- 8 e3m3/day
Type of Well: Oil
H2S Present: Not in flare/vent H2S Concentration: 0.0 ppm

AER Field Center: 310-0000 (toll free)
AER Midnapore 403-297-8303
AER Medicine Hat 403-527-3385

To adhere to Directive 60 regulations, all residents in the surrounding 1.5 km need to be notified of flaring operations. If any H2S is present the radius is expanded. The time period above is based off current weather conditions and timing. This well will be incinerated at this time.

Should further information be required regarding the construction or operation of this project, please contact Gerald Aleman at 403-324-1500 or (403) 974-6822.

North 40 Emergency 24 Hour Number 1(877)486-0472.

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