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Members include:

  • All members of the current Council sit as commission members.
  • A Chair and Vice-Chair are appointed annually at Council’s organizational meeting.

Duties of the MPC:

  • Acts as the Development Authority and Subdivision Authority for any applications referred to it by any County bylaw or procedure. These applications would include most discretionary development permits and any subdivision applications.

  • Under the Municipal Government Act, has all the development powers and duties when acting as the Development Authority and has all the subdivision powers and duties when acting as the Subdivision Authority.

MPC Meetings: 

  • Occur once a month as outlined in the approved meeting schedule, unless otherwise determined by Council or the Commission.
  • Meeting agendas, minutes, and YouTube recordings are available on our website.

Speaking at the MPC: 

As per Wheatland County Policy 7.13, Municipal Planning Commission does not conduct public hearings and will not hear submissions by or ask questions of the Applicant or any other affected party at the MPC meeting. Written submissions will be accepted and reviewed by the commission prior to the meeting.

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