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Loop Program

Loop is a program run by farmers who want to make a difference.

For more than 4 years the program has been connecting local grocery stores with local farmers to put unsold food to use as animal feed.  More than 2000 farms are connected with over 200 grocery stores across Canada and the program continues to expand, including the Calgary and Edmonton regions in 2022.

Seem too good to be true? It’s for real, and we’re ready to help more farms benefit from this program.

Help us to connect farmers in your area who may be interested in joining Loop to receive free healthy feed for their animals as well as helping keep food waste out of landfills!   The stores cover the cost of the program and there is no cash cost to farms… you just need a truck and/or trailer, enough happy animals to feed, and a willingness to drive to a nearby store roughly once per week.

Interested in learning more about Loop? Check out their website here.

Sign up here.

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