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Property Tax Bill
Your Property Tax Bill covers the period from January 1 to December 31 annually. A combined Tax and Assessment notice is mailed in April with a due date of June 30th. Failure to receive a tax notice does not exempt you from penalty after the due date. A 5% penalty is added to any unpaid balance after June 30th and if not paid by November 30th another 5% penalty is applied. Taxes can be paid at the County office or at the bank or online or telephone banking.

Property Tax Installment Payment Plan (TIPP)
TIPP is a plan by which taxpayers make consecutive monthly payments for taxes. Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from a bank chequing account. Apply by May 1st by paying any missed installments, plus a late filing fee. Application forms are available at online under the Finance, Tax & utility section.

Change of Mailing Address
Please let Land Titles know when your mailing address change. You can access their change of address form here.

School Support
Please declare your school support fill out a School Support Notice Form.

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