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Permit Decisions and Public Hearings

Development decisions and public hearings are also advertised in the local newspaper(s). Copies of these advertisements can be viewed on our advertising page.

Applications that have passed the appeal period can be found in the archives.

Subdivision and Development Decisions

The following decisions are subject to certain conditions, and subject to an appeal period. As per the Municipal Government Act, a person affected by these decisions has a right of appeal.

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act and the Wheatland County Land Use Bylaw, an appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board must be filed within the legislated time frame and each Notice of Appeal must be accompanied by payment of a non-refundable $300.00 filing fee for subdivision appeals, and a $200.00 filing fee for development appeals. Non payment of the fee will result in no hearing being scheduled before the SDAB. In addition to the filling fee, an appeal application form  must be filed with the SDAB Clerk of Wheatland County at #242006 Range Road 243; or mailed to Highway #1 RR #1, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6.

Permit or File Number
Legal Land Description
 Permitted or Discretionary
 Application Description
Decision Date
DP2019-036 SW 17-24-18-W4M Permitted Accessory Building Approved Apr. 2, 2019
DP2019-009 NW 10-24-26-W4M - Pl 161 1551; B5; L7 Discretionary Industrial, Medium Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-014 NE 15-25-23-W4M Discretionary Hazardous Industry Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-025 SW 3-24-24-W4M - Pl 951 1739; B2 Discretionary Dwelling, Accessory Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-031 SE 28-23-25-W4M Discretionary Nursery Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-035 SW 10-25-26-W4M Permitted Addition Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-037 SE 31-24-25-W4M - Pl 141 2615; B2; L1 Permitted Accessory Building Approved Apr. 3, 2019
DP2019-040 Pl 071 0284; B 176 - 658 Muirfield Cres Permitted Dwelling - Single Detached Approved Apr. 9, 2019
DP2019-034 SE 11-23-24-W4M - Pl 1711778; B9; L1 Discretionary Variance - Fence Height Approved Apr. 16, 2019
DP2019-041 NE 12-22-25-W4M Permitted Dwelling - Manufactured Approved Apr. 10, 2019
DP2019-042 Pl 0311146; B5; L10 - Speargrass Permitted Addition to Existing Deck Approved Apr. 10, 2019
DP2019-043 NW 25-24-23-W4M Permitted Farm Building Approved Apr. 10, 2019
DP2019-044 SE 13-22-23-W4M - Pl 752N; B11; L15-16 Permitted Accessory Building Approved Apr. 17, 2019
DP2019-045 SE 12-23-26-W4M Permitted Solar Pannel, Ground Mount Approved Apr. 23, 2019
DP2019-046 SW 17-24-18-W4M Permitted Farm Building Approved Apr. 18, 2019
DP2019-048 Pl 0413694; B7; L3 - Lyalta Permitted Addition to Deck Approved Apr. 25, 2019
DP2019-049 NE 28-23-25-W4M - Pl 1812491; B3; L2 Permitted Farm Building Approved Apr. 25, 2019
DP2019-050 NW 20-24-25-W4M - Pl 0914523; B1; L1 Permitted Dwelling - Single Detached Approved Apr. 25, 2019
DP2019-051 SW 32-26-24-W4M Permitted Dwelling - Manufactured Approved Apr. 25, 2019
DP2019-053 SW 20-25-23-W4M Permitted Shipping Containers Approved Apr. 30, 2019
DP2019-033 Pl 0710284; B 116 - Lakes of Muirfield Permitted Variance to Dwelling - Single Detached Approved May 2, 2019
DP2019-039 SW 17-24-21-W4M - Pl 0111863; B1; L1 Permitted Farm Building Approved May 6, 2019
DP2019-055 SW 10-22-26-W4M Permitted Accessory Building Approved May 2, 2019

Public Hearings

Land Use Bylaw Amendments.

Comments may be forwarded in writing to Wheatland County or in person at the Public Hearing. The application files may be reviewed in the County Office during regular office hours – Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.. Any comments provided will become part of the public record in accordance with Section 40 (1) of the Alberta Freedom of Information and Protection Privacy Act. Any personal information on submissions made regarding applications is collected under the   authority of the FOIP Act Section 33 (c) and subsequent versions of the Act.

File Number
 Legal Land Description
 Application Description
 Hearing Date
Bylaw #: 2019-04 County-Wide

Amend Land Use Bylaw 2016-01 to include more site regulatory material for small scale personal use of solar panels on structures and ground development, as well as micro generation wind turbines and towers (WECS). 

May 7, 2019
 Bylaw #: 2019-05 County-Wide

Amend Land Use Bylaw 2016-01 to include a new land use district called the Energy District to address large scale, industrial and commercial AUC approved solar facilities and wind turbine farms (WECS).

May 7, 2019

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearings

At the hearing(s) the SDAB will hear from the appellant(s) and/or the agent; from any person who claims to be affected by the proposal; and from any other person who wishes to make representation AND whom the SDAB agrees to hear. 

Comments may be made verbally at the hearing, OR if you wish to present a written submission, you must have at least TEN copies to be distributed at the commencement of the hearing, and should be aware that your submission may be made public. A time limit may be imposed on verbal submissions, at the discretion of the Chairperson. No comments via telephone will be considered by the SDAB. 

The complete file for this application may be inspected in the County Office during regular office hours – Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m..

Should you have any questions please contact the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Clerk at 403-934-3321, or via email.

Permit or File Number
Legal Land Description
Application Description
Original Decision
Written Submissions Due Date
Hearing Date
SDAB Decision
DP2018-140 NW 22-25-25-W4M - Plan 1312975; Block 1; Lot 1  Variance Request to place an accessory building (mobile trailer for storage) prior to the primary structure (dwelling) being constructed.  Refused Feb. 11, 2019 Feb. 14, 2019 MPC Refusal Overturned

Other Public Meetings

Re-designation or Subdivision applications go before Council during regular council meetings. Agenda packages can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page.


This page is updated every week.

What you need to know about attending Council or Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meetings, and Public Hearings:

The Planning Policy outlines protocols, notification requirements, and procedures - it can be found on the Policies and Bylaws page.

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