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Environmental Awards

Wheatland County's Environmental Policy includes a commitment to “engage and enable stakeholders to protect the value that our natural environment provides,” and, “encourage contributions to environmental sustainability by seeking opportunities to enable and support community members.” The Wheatland County Agricultural Service Board presents the Environmental Stewardship Award as a way to recognize and reward notable efforts within the community to practice and promote environmental stewardship and innovation.

Two Environmental Stewardship Awards are available per year in the following categories:

  • The Community Stewardship Award
    The Environmental Stewardship Award recognizes a Wheatland County community member or group that has made an outstanding contribution to environmental sustainability in the municipality. 
  • Youth Stewardship
    The Youth Stewardship Award was developed to recognize the importance of engaging youth in environmental stewardship initiatives, as the youth of today represent future generations of the Wheatland County community. 
  • J. Laslo Legacy Award
    The J. Laslo Legacy Award will be awarded to an agricultural producer in Wheatland County that has shown exemplary leadership in the implementation of beneficial management practices on their farm.

2018 Award Winners

Reduced Carseland Award reduced Kaiser Award
 Carseland School were awarded the Youth Environmental Stewardship Award.  Kooter and Craig Kaiser were awarded the J. Laslo Legacy Environmental Stewardship Award.

2017 Award Winners

Clarks Recieving Award Skibsted Receiving Award
Roy and Karen Clark were awarded the Community Environmental Stewardship Award. Rick Skibsted was awarded the J. Laslo Legacy Environmental Stewardship Award.


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