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Permits and Regulations

Do I need a Fire Permit?

In Wheatland County, fire permits are required year round. To obtain permits contact your local fire guardian or the county office. The fire must be set at the place indicated on the permit. The number of fires set at one time and minimum equipment needed may be specified on the permit. You may fill out the form (link above) and fax, email or hand-deliver it to Wheatland County Administration office.

A fire Permit is a legal document which conditionally authorized a person to burn Class A materials (wood/paper) at a time specified on the permit. By obtaining a fire permit you have indicated simply you wish to burn. The responsibility for conducting a safe burn is yours. Anyone who sets a fire under authority of a permit must comply with the following requirements and conditions.

Other than small backyard fire pits and burning barrels, any person lighting a fire for any purpose must have a valid fire permit. Permits may be obtained from the Wheatland County office or from your local fire guardians. A fire permit application must be filled out and signed by a Fire Guardian.

Check the provincial fire bans first!

Fire Permit Conditions

  • Fire must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult
  • No burning permitted when winds exceed 15 kilometres per hour or are gusting
  • Suitable fire extinguishing equipment to be located at site
  • Only clean wood, brush, tree pruning’s and other burnable debris are to be burned
  • Accurate description of the size and the type of combustibles must be given to the fire guardian when applying for a permit
  • Any breach of the above conditions renders the permit null and void

There is no charge for a fire permit. Fire permits are required for all open burning on a year round basis. Exceptions are recreational fires and burn barrels with a fitted screen. Fire permits are valid for seven days from the date of issue. If conditions warrant, permits may be cancelled at any time.   Extensions may be granted under a new permit number, provided the required conditions can be met. 

  • When disposing of a building or structure by burning, the building or structure must first be demolished. The burning of tires, plastic wastes, or other toxic noxious materials or substances is not permitted.
  • The fire marshal, for the purpose of fire control, may suspend or cancel all permits or prohibit the lighting of fires in any part or all of Wheatland county.
  • Upon suspension or cancellation of any permit, the person concerned must extinguish immediately any fire set according to his permit.
  • The general public may be notified of suspension or cancellation of the fire permits through the press, radio or television. Upon such notification all fires ignited under the authority of a permit or any fire under the control or jurisdiction of a permit holder must be extinguished immediately.

Get a Fire Permit

Fire Permit applications are accepted Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on regular business days. Applications submitted past 3:30 are not guaranteed to be processed that day.

Click the link below to fill out an online application, and then hit "submit". The information will be reviewed by a fire guardian and, if granted, then returned to you signed. If there are issues with it, you will be contacted.

Online Fire Permit Application

Reminder: You must call dispatch half an hour before (to tell them you are going to burn) and after (to tell them you are finished and the fire is out) you burn! Call: 403-934-2911 to notify.

Burning Within Hamlets

Burning is not allowed within the hamlets of Wheatland County other than small back-yard fire pits. No fire permits will be issued.

Guidelines for Use of Burning Barrels

  • Burning barrels must be installed on a non-combustible base, and positioned so as not to endanger other combustible materials or structures


Do I need a Fireworks Permit?

In Wheatland County, you need a permit to purchase, store and discharge fireworks.

Until recently, fireworks have been illegal to sell, store, possess or discharge—with the exception of Federally regulated facilities. When the new 2014 Alberta Fire Code was released in 2015, it allowed municipalities to give permission for Fireworks in their specific boundaries. On June 6, 2017, Wheatland County Council approved permitting the discharge of fireworks within the municipal boundaries for both family and professional Fireworks displays.

Get a Fireworks Permit

Fireworks Permit applications are accepted Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on regular business days. Applications are not guaranteed to be processed the same day.

For a Fireworks Permit for anywhere in the County (not valid/required for the Villages of Hussar, Rockyford, or Standard) you can:

Step #1: Fill out the permit application. Download the permit application here (or come into the County Office and ask for one), and complete it.

Step #2:  You need the signature of the Fire Chief in your area. Plan ahead so you can be sure the Chief is available. Fireworks permits can be completed many months prior to your event, so don't leave it to the last minute!

Step#3: For final approval you can fax (403-934-4889), email, or bring the permit in to the office (242006 Range Road 243 Strathmore) for the last required signature.

Pease be sure the application form is completed and the Fire Guardian has signed it prior to submitting for final approval.


Permit applications

Online Fire Permit Application

Fireworks Permit Application (PDF)

Fire Guardians and Chiefs

  • Carseland
    • Fire Chief and Guardian, Ryan Hauswirth
  • Cluny
    • Fire Chief, Garry Tschetter
  • Dalum 
    • Fire Chief and Guardian, Albert Jensen
  • Gleichen
    • Fire Chief and Guardian, Ron Welcher
    • Fire Guardian, Brad Williamson
  • Hussar
    • Fire Chief, Mike Hager
  • Rockyford
    • Fire Chief, Wayne Clyne
  • Rosebud
    • Fire Chief, Art Hudson
    • Fire Guardian, Craig Nelson
  • Standard
    • Fire Chief, Mark Duguay
    • Fire Guardian, Phil Faubion
    • Fire Guardian, Malcom McKinnon
  • Wheatland County (rural)
    • contact the administration office at 403-934-3321
  • Wheatland West
    • Fire Chief and Guardian, Mike Jakubiszyn

Emergency Services Bylaws

Most current Bylaws can be found here


Firework Safety video


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