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Weeds and Pests

Agricultural Pests Act and Regulation

The Act provides authority for the minister to declare as a pest or nuisance any animal, bird, insect, plant, or disease is destroying or harming or is likely to destroy or harm any land, livestock, or property in all or part of Alberta. The legislation enables inspectors and local authorities to deal with native and introduced pests and nuisances which affect agricultural production.

Alberta Weed Control Act

The Act This Act aims to regulate noxious weeds, prohibited noxious weeds, and weed seeds through various control measures, such as inspection and enforcement, together with provisions for recovery of expenses in cases of non-compliance. Additionally, it mandates the licensing of seed cleaning plants and mechanisms.

Wheatland County Pest Inspection and Control Program

Agricultural Services staff conduct annual field inspections and surveys of: 

Strychnine Program

The Wheatland County ASB has 2% liquid strychnine avaliable for purchase for the control of Richardson's ground squirrels. Early spring before “green-up” is the optimum time for Strychnine use, other options for management of Richardson Ground Squirrels may be more effective at this time.

Alberta Agriculture recommends a wide variety of options. These include the use of other chemicals such as zinc phosphide, Rozol bait (chlorophacinone) with the use of bait stations, fumigants such as Gas cartridges (sold as “Giant Destroyer” or “Woodchuck Bomb”), Phostoxin, Rocon Concentrate Rodenticide, or Carbon-monoxide. Other options include trapping and shooting, maintaining higher vegetative stands in pastures and encouraging natural predators such as the Swanson’s Hawk.

Strychnine is typically available for purchase from March to June.

Weed Control Programs

The weed control programs include public and private land weed inspections, education, and roadside spot spraying and mowing. The weed inspector is shared between Wheatland County and the communities of Standard, Hussar, and Rockyford in order to carry out the requirements of the Alberta Weed Control Act in each municipality. Find out more information about invasive plants from our Weed Identification Guide.

Our staff are always on the lookout for invasive plants in Wheatland County and are available to work with landowners to mitigate weed problems. Categories of weeds listed under the Alberta Weed Control Act are as follows: Noxious weeds have to be controlled by the landowner or by the person who occupies the land and then prohibited noxious weeds have to be destroyed by the landowner or by the person who occupies the land.

When planting forage seed ask for a certificate of seed analysis, this can help you to prevent weed problems from occurring.

Integrated Pest Management

Gall Midges and Seed Weevils have been released along the Bow River for biological control of Scentless Chamomile. Leafy Spurge beetles have also been released at one location within the County.

Seed Cleaning Plants

The ASB is responsible for annual inspection and licensing of three stationary seed cleaning plants located at Strathmore, Hussar, and Rosebud.

Coyote Predation Control

Assistance is provided to prodcuers for livestock predation occurances.

Pest Control Rental Equipment

  • Skunk Traps
  • Magpie Traps

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