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Update regarding GFL Environmental Compost Facility

Media Release

For Immediate Release

WHEATLAND COUNTY, AB – June 19, 2020

On July 3 and 5, 2019, Wheatland County issued remedial orders and stop orders (the “Orders”) in respect of GFL Environmental Inc.’s (“GFL”) compost facility (the “Facility”) located north of the town of Strathmore (Ptn SW1/4-7-25-24-W4th). The Orders were appealed by GFL and ultimately upheld by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta and by the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, subject to a variation requiring GFL to remove all organic material from the Facility by no later than June 30, 2020.

GFL commenced the removal of old, anaerobic organic material known as the “Legacy Pile” from the Facility on April 2, 2020 pursuant to the terms of a removal plan (the “Plan”) that was developed by GFL and conditionally approved by the County. Removal of the Legacy Pile is ongoing, and GFL has informed the County that it anticipates having all material from the Legacy Pile removed from the Facility by June 30th.

Also pursuant to the terms of the Plan, representatives from the County will attend at the Facility in early July to conduct an inspection (the “Inspection”) of the Facility and to determine whether all materials from the Legacy Pile have been removed and whether GFL has otherwise complied with the Orders. The Inspection date is being finalized. After the inspection takes place, the County will provide a further update to the public regarding the status of the Facility and compliance with the Orders.

According to the approved removal plan, GFL is to provide updates on removal activities, H2S levels, and number of truckloads removed with weights of each load. In the plan, Wheatland County will be receiving these reports and distributing them as a ‘neutral conduit’. These activity reports can be found at wheatlandcounty.ca/gflremoval/.

If you have any questions regarding the Facility, please contact strathmore@gflenv.com and CC: gflremoval@wheatlandcounty.ca.


Media Contacts:

General Manager of Community and Development Services Matthew Boscariol,

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