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AGKnow: Delivering Mental Health Support Services in Rural Areas

This event has ended

Join AgKnow for their upcoming Professional Development Webinars. These monthly 1-hour sessions are designed to destigmatize mental health and foster resilience within the farming community, enabling everyone to lead more fulfilling and productive lives. Explore the links below for further details!

November 29: Delivering Mental Health Support Services in Rural Areas

How do therapists and social service providers successfully deliver mental health support to people living in rural areas? This interactive webinar describes the findings from one of our recent studies that explored this question. In this session, attendees will learn: (a) what types of mental health support resources currently exist across the province, (b) what barriers farmers face in accessing support, (c) what strategies providers find helpful to encourage farmers to seek support.

Dec 13: Cool Family Solutions, Helping Families with Mental Health & Substance Related Disorders

AgKnow is excited to have Mona Cooley join us to discuss how she approaches helping families navigate their toughest challenges. She will share how she motivates people to handle difficult situations with positive results.

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