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Wheatland County and the Draft CMRB Growth Plan

“Call to Action”

Wheatland County is putting out a “call to action” asking residents to engage in the process and also to contact their MLAs with concerns about this plan and the impact on rural municipalities.

The Province has mandated that Wheatland County be a part of the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board and that the Board create a growth plan and servicing plan. Wheatland has been diligently working with the other members of the Board in good faith towards developing these plans.

The current draft growth plan is of great concern to Wheatland County because it:  

  • Shuts the door on rural opportunity;
  • Limits economic development for rurals;
  • Creates red tape and economic uncertainty;
  • Involved insufficient public engagement;
  • Is biased against rural municipalities creating an unlevel playing field; and
  • It has and will continue to cost taxpayers. In 2018 and 2019, Wheatland County spent upwards of $235,000.00 for staff time spent on CMRB efforts. To put this into perspective, this is a $262.00 expense to each of the approximately 897 residents that live in the zone or a $26.75 cost to each of the 8,788 Wheatland County residents – 90% of whom do not live within the CMR zone.

Wheatland County has repeatedly made requests for changes to the plan, which have generally been ignored.

The final round of engagement is happening now until April 8, 2021, and we want residents to participate and make their voices heard.

The Board is required to submit a plan to the Minister of Municipal Affairs for approval by June 1, 2021. 

To get involved and provide your input, visit the Calgary Metropolitan Region Board’s website to complete their engagement survey.

Draft Regional Growth Plan – Have Your Say!

Why should YOU care?
WATCH the detailed planning video presentation here or view the presentation PDF.

Reeve Link’s Message to Wheatland County Residents

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