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Requests for Proposals

Current opportunities include...

APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00406
Opportunity: Culvert Tender
Reference Number: AB-2018-00406
Solicitation Number: 2018PW05
Link to APC

APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00374 
Opportunity: 2 (Two) Tridem Crossgate Belly Dump Trailers
Reference Number: AB-2018-00374
Solicitation Number: 2018PW02
Link to APC

APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00372
Opportunity: 2 (Two) Tridem U Body End Dump Trailers
Reference Number: AB-2018-00372
Solicitation Number: 2018PW01
Link to APC

APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00377
Opportunity: Sheepsfoot Vibratory Compactor
Reference Number: AB-2018-00377
Solicitation Number: 2018PW03
Link to APC

APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00386
Opportunity: Mobile Diesel Generator 40-50 kW
Reference Number: AB-2018-00386
Solicitation Number: 2018PW04
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 APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00499
Opportunity: 2019 Class 8 Service Truck
Reference Number: AB-2018-00499
Solicitation Number: 2018PW08
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APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00502 
Opportunity: 2019 Class 8 Fuel Truck
Reference Number: AB-2018-00502
Solicitation Number: 2018PW09
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APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00497 
Opportunity: 2019 Class 8 Sanding Truck
Reference Number: AB-2018-00497
Solicitation Number: 2018PW07
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APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00486
Opportunity: 2 (Two) 2019 Class 8 Highway Trucks
Reference Number: AB-2018-00486
Solicitation Number: 2018PW06
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 APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00574
Opportunity: 2019 Single Axle Truck
Reference Number: AB-2018-00574
Solicitation Number: 2018PW10
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APC Opportunity: AB-2018-00653
Opportunity: Carseland Fire Station Building Design Project
Reference Number: AB-2018-00653
Solicitation Number: 2018FIRE11
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