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Permit Decisions and Public Hearings

Development decisions and public hearings are also advertised in the Strathmore Times. Copies of these advertisements can be viewed on our advertising page.

Applications that have passed the appeal period can be found in the archives.

Subdivision and Development Decisions

The following decisions are subject to certain conditions, and subject to an appeal period. Pursuant to Section 685 (2) of the Municipal Government Act, a person affected by these decisions has a right of appeal.

In accordance with Sections 678, 685 and 686 of the Municipal Government Act and the Wheatland County Land Use Bylaw, an appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board must be filed within the legislated time frame and each Notice of Appeal must be accompanied by payment of a non-refundable $300.00 filing fee for subdivision appeals, and a $200.00 filing fee for development appeals. Non payment of the fee will result in no hearing being scheduled before the SDAB. In addition to the filling fee, an appeal application form  must be filed with the SDAB Clerk of WheatlandCounty at #242006 Range Road 243 or mailed to: Highway #1 RR #1, Strathmore, Alberta, T1P 1J6.

Permit or File Number Legal Land Description Permitted or Discretionary Application Description Decision Decision Date
DP2019-001 NE 32-21-26-W4M Permitted Farm Building Approved 2-Jan-2019
DP2018-150 NW 14-24-20-W4M  -  Pl 1610117; B 1; L1 Permitted Moved on Dwelling Approved 7-Jan-2019
DP2018-154 Pl 071 0284; B115 - Lakes of Muirfield Discretionary Home Based Business - Type 2 (Indoor Fitness Class) Approved 8-Jan-2019
DP2018-146 NE 8-25-26-W4M  -  Pl 0614100; B8; L4 Discretionary Change of Use (Liquor Store) Approved 8-Jan-2019
DP2018-147 NE 8-25-26-W4M  -  Pl 0614100; B8; L4 Discretionary Change of Use (Convenience Store & Café) Approved 8-Jan-2019
DP2018-138 Pl 2124U; B8; L8 & 9 - Cluny Discretionary Variance for addition to legal non-conforming garage Approved 15-Jan-2019
DP2018-159 NW 10-24-25-W4M  -  Pl 751 0624; B4 Discretionary Home Based Business - Type 3 (Raw Dog Food Processing) and signage Approved 15-Jan-2019
DP2018-161 Pl 771 1065; B11; L23 - Carseland Discretionary Home Based Business - Type 2 (Eyelash Extension) Approved 15-Jan-2019
DP2018-162 NE 28-23-25-W4M  -  Pl 951 1278; B1 Discretionary Garden Suite with a Variance to Setback Approved 15-Jan-2019
DP2018-164 NE 12-27-22-W4M Discretionary Home Based Business - Type 3 (Wool Processing Facility) Approved 15-Jan-2019

Public Hearings

Land Use Bylaw Amendments

File Number Legal Land Description    Application Description   Hearing Date
 Bylaw # 2018-34  SW-12-24-24-W4M  Redesignation of +/-10.6 acres from Agricultural General District to Industrial General District to accommodate for a future subdivision, and continued use of the land for an RV Storage business.  Feb. 5, 2019
 Bylaw # 2018-27  NE 15-25-23-W4M  Redesignation of +/- 27.188 acres from Agricultural General District to Intensive Industrial District to accommodate a development permit application for a fireworks storage facility. Feb. 5, 2019
 Bylaw # 2018-32   Land Use Bylaw Amendment, update to Direct Control (DC-1), add setback requirements for Parks & Recreations District and Community Service District. Provide additional clarification to definitions and how complaints are received.  Feb. 5, 2019

Other Public Meetings

Re-designation or Subdivision applications go before Council during regular council meetings. Agenda packages can be found on the Agendas and Minutes page.


This page is updated every week.

What you need to know about attending Council or Municipal Planning Commission (MPC) meetings, and Public Hearings:

The Planning Policy outlines protocols, notification requirements, and procedures - it can be found on the Policies and Bylaws page.

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