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Certificate of Compliance

What is a Certificate of Compliance?

A Certificate of Compliance is a document issued by Wheatland County which confirms whether or not the structures which are located on the property comply with the setbacks prescribed in the current Wheatland County Land Use Bylaw.

In order for a Development Officer to ascertain compliance, a landowner or his agent must submit a recent copy of a Real Property Report along with a completed Certificate of Compliance Application Form to Wheatland County. 

If the Development Officer finds that all structures meet the current requirements, he/she will stamp the Real Property Report as “approved” and outline the details of the approval in the document (Certificate of Compliance).  If the structures do not meet the proper setbacks, the Real Property Report will not be stamped and the document will indicate which structures are non-compliant. 

Please be aware that even structures which may not have required a development permit are still expected to meet appropriate setbacks (such as a small shed).

Do I Need a Certificate of Compliance?

If you are buying or selling property, it is highly recommended that a Certificate of Compliance is obtained prior to finalizing the purchase. In fact, buyers will most likely ask you for it, as the seller, and…if you are the buyer, you want to be certain that the property you are purchasing meets all the setback requirements.


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