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2022 CERB Cheque Presentations

Annually, the Wheatland County Community Enhancement Regional Board (CERB) meet to review, evaluate, prioritize and decide the distribution of funding set aside in the Community Enhancement Reserve. During their regular Council meeting on May 17, 2022, Wheatland County Council approved the Community Enhancement Review Board’s (CERB) annual recommendations.

Successful applicants were invited to send representatives of their community groups to receive their funding on June 07, 2022, at the Wheatland County Administration Building.

Most groups were able to attend, with a small number requiring their cheque to be mailed and/or delivered directly from their Councillor.

Congratulations to all successful 2022 applicants!

Division 1

Councillor Shannon Laprise met with Moe Zaleschuk, Jackie Jensen, and Andy Schulthess who were representing the Standard Community Facility Enhancement Society. Alan Larsen attended for the Standard Curling Club, and Verna Nelson attended for both the Standard Community Hall Association and the Standard Municipal Library.

Division 3

Councillor Donna Biggar met with group representative Kevin Enns for the Carseland Lions Club, Glen Ford for the Carseland Curling Club, and Shelley McEachern for the Speargrass Community Association.

Division 4

Councillor Tom Ikert met with Keith Clayton with the Cairnhill Community Association and both Jane Mitton and Nadine Buchanan for the the Cheadle Community Club.

Division 5

CERB Board member, Maxine Bartelan, joined Deputy Reeve Scott Klassen in presenting the cheque to Bev Sobiecki of the Lyalta Community Club.

Division 6

Deputy Reeve Scott Klassen and Reeve Amber Link met with the members from Division 6. Barry Grabo and Ewalt Lang of the Level Land Community Hall attended, along with Maxine Bartelan from the CERB board.

Division 6

Peggy Mellor of the Rockyford Friendship Club also attended, and April Geeraert represented the Rockyford Ag Society, Rockyford Community Center Association, Rockyford Curling Club, Rockyford Lions Club, and the Rockyford Library.

Division 6

Bonita Hudson attended for the Rosebud Community Enhancement Society, Rosebud Memorial Hall Association, and the Rosebud Libarary.

Division 7

Councillor Rick Laursen met with Jim Eskeland of the Dalum Community Hall Association and Tim Frank of the Hussar Fine Arts Society and the Hussar Library.


The Reeve and Deputy Reeve also met with:

  • Nancy Van Egmond of the Growing Families Society of East Rural Counties,
  • Ryan Schmidt and Kathee Therrien Dussome of the Strathmore and District Agricultural Society,
  • Dick Frayn of the Strathmore and District Curling Club,
  • Carol Ehrmen and Ruth Wall of the Wheatland Seniors Transportation Society,
  • Brandy Hebbes, Megan Fachini, Bonnie Bishop, Emmeline Keeling, and Grace May from the Wheatland Society of the Arts, and
  • Ann Horn, Anayo Ugboma and Taura Foxwalker of the Strathmore Municipla Library

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