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Change of Mailing Address

To receive property tax correspondence, it is important to ensure that your address is correct.   Wheatland County sources property ownership and mailing address information from Alberta Land Titles Office and the Certificate of Title. It is the property owners’ responsibility to ensure their Land Title record is accurate and up to date.

To update your address, please complete a Change of Address Form and mail the original signed copy to the Land Titles Office.

Land Titles Office Mailing Address:
Calgary Alberta Land Titles Office
Box 7575
Calgary, AB, T2P 2R4

Street Address: 710 4th Ave. S.W., Calgary
Phone: (403) 297-6511
Fax: (403) 297-8641
Email: lto@gov.ab.ca

To obtain a Change of Address Form:

Due to the delay in processing at the Land Titles Office, Wheatland County will accept a copy of the Change of Address Form directly from ratepayers.  Wheatland County will update the property owner’s address in anticipation of receiving the finalized registration from the Land Titles Office.

If you do not receive your tax notice by mid-May, please contact the Wheatland County Administration Office.

  • Taxes are due June 30th and late penalties are applied July 1st.
  • Non-receipt of your property tax bill does not exempt you from late payment penalties.
  • Under the Municipal Government Act, Section 337, a tax notice is deemed to have been received seven days after it is sent.

Need help filling out the form? View our SAMPLE FORM here.

For more information on your property taxes, click here or select ‘Taxes’ on the menu.

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