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Carseland Whistle Cessation Update – February 22, 2022

Now that the whistle cessation process has been completed, the speed limit along Barstow Street in Carseland has been changed to 40 km/h as per the motion made by Council on June 15, 2021.⁣

The resolution reads: ⁣

“THAT Council direct Administration to work with CP Rail to eliminate the Carseland Whistle at Range Road 260 /Barstow Street (Carseland) and install safety and speed signage in the appropriate locations. Further that the speed limit be reduced to 40 km/h on portion of Barstow Street, based on the recommendation within the WATT Report, if the whistle cessation process is successful.”⁣

Please note: Trains may occasionally blow the whistle in error, or if there is an emergency.⁣

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