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Canada Post Change of Address

Canada Post, in partnership with the federal government, is implementing civic addressing (i.e., change of address) to remove the use of PO box numbers for rural residents across Canada.

The civic addressing program, which has been implemented in many regions across the country for several years, is the matching of a physical address (i.e., rural address a.k.a. blue/emergency sign) to its mailing address – similar to addressing in towns and cities. This matching gives customers one consistent address to serve both purposes and helps Canada Post improve efficiency and accuracy of mail and parcel delivery. Civic addressing also helps 911 responders locate emergencies.

Residents may have already received a mailer from Canada Post to confirm the address of their emergency address and to notify them of the change, but residents may not have received communication regarding the postponement.

The new implementation date has been set for April 29, 2021, after being postponed due to unforeseeable reasons. A total of 1,415 addresses within Wheatland County are part of this initiative. Canada Post has informed affected residents, they should expect to receive a letter specifying their new postal code and civic addresses as the project approaches completion.

In the meantime, it is important that residents continue to use their current mailing address.

Residents will have one year to inform their mailers of their updated address, and during that period, Canada Post will continue to deliver mail addressed to the old address.

Please note, the address change initiative is being taken in phases in our County, and some residents may get the change of address sooner than others.

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