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Baler Twine Recycling

Got used plastic baler twine? RECYCLE IT!

Follow these 3 steps to ensure that your used twine can be accepted and recycled:

  1. SHAKE
    Remove as much debris, snow or ice as possible. 
    Excessively dirty twine may be rejected, or subject to a landfill tipping fee or additional charges at drop off.
  2. BAG
    Plastic twine only. Bags of twine mixed with netting, sisal twine, or other materials will be rejected. 

    Place twine in a clear collection bag and close the bag with twine or a zip tie.
    You can pick up free twine collection bags*, with perforated holes that include post-consumer recycled content, from pilot twine collection sites.

    The Drumheller and District Solid Waste Management Association is a registered collection site as are many of the regional partner transfers sites
    Please contact your local collection site prior to dropping off material if unloading assistance is required, to check hours of operation or if you are unsure if you have prepared it properly.

Find recycling details and a collection site near you:

For more about Alberta Ag Plastic. Recycle It! – go to AlbertaAgPlastics.ca.

To see what other ag materials Cleanfarms recycles, go to Cleanfarms.ca

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