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Wheatland County Fire Services awarded grain rescue equipment by G3 and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

Media Release

WHEATLAND COUNTY, AB (October 19, 2020) – Wheatland County Fire Services is pleased to announce that it has been awarded grain rescue equipment by the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA), in partnership with G3.

Wheatland County Fire Services participated in BeGrainSafe (CASA’s grain safety program) this past weekend. The BeGrainSafe training consists of one day of theory and a second day of practical training and evaluation, with an emphasis placed on fire fighters learning how to extract a person trapped in grain safely, using a cofferdam and auger.

While training is key, a successful rescue could not happen without the proper equipment. CASA, in partnership with G3, has provided Wheatland County Fire Services with a GSI RES-Q-TUBE and a Haul-ALL pencil auger, both of which are essential in rescuing a grain entrapment victim. This valuable equipment will be stationed out of the Dalum Fire Department. When used in combination, the grain rescue tube creates a barrier between the victim and the grain while the auger helps rescuers quickly move the grain away from the victim.

“The training put on thru CASA and equipment donated by G3 allows us to have properly trained and equipped firefighters to respond to grain entrapment emergencies throughout the County. This will enhance the services we can provide and ensure our firefighters remain safe when dealing with this type of an emergency” says Tom Jukes, Wheatland County’s Deputy Regional Fire Chief. “We would like to thank CASA and G3 and hope we can continue to grow this relationship in the years to come”

The BeGrainSafe program emphasizes prevention and raises awareness of the dangers of grain entrapment, as well as preparing fire departments for grain rescues.

“Harm prevention through awareness has always been a top priority for CASA, and this is never truer than with grain entrapment. However, it is also important that fire departments are well trained and prepared with the proper equipment in case of an incident,” says Robert Gobeil, CASA’s Agricultural Health and Safety Specialist. “Thanks to G3, this life-saving equipment will be in the hands of those who need it.”

“G3 is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for our staff, customers and neighbours in all the communities we serve,” says G3 CEO Don Chapman. “We’re pleased to expand our support for the BeGrainSafe program to include Wheatland County.”

For more information about BeGrainSafe, including firefighter training, please visit www.casa-acsa.ca/grain or Contact CASA at 877-452-2272 or info@casa-acsa.ca.

G3 is a Canadian grain trading and handling company. For more information visit www.g3.ca.


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